Screen cleaning: Peugeot tidies up the traditional cabin with i-Cockpit v2

Published: 20 April 2016

 Peugeot unveils next-gen i-Cockpit
 Bye-bye analogue, hello digital dials 
 Expect to see first on new 3008

Remember Peugeot’s i-Cockpit? It’s the French firm’s skinny-steering-wheel, high-up-instrument combo ushered in on 2012’s 208 supermini. It’s found its way into 2.2 million cars worldwide – and now they’ve shown a glimpse of what will replace it.

We’ll see the all-digital i-Cockpit v2.0 in the imminent 3008 replacement, ready to be unveiled in May 2016, followed by the next tranche of new Pugs. Think next-generation 5008, 208, 2008 and 308; just be warned that facelifted models (like the 2008 spruce-up) will stick with the existing cabin architecture.

Peugeot i-Cockpit: the digital revolution

We’re pleased to see that future Peugeot cockpits are sticking with a minimalist approach. Few buttons clutter the dashboard and steering wheel – we counted just 15.

The steering wheel has been reshaped slightly with a flat top to try and address the obscured view of the high-up dials. The dash is now angled towards the driver, BMW-style, and the centre touchscreen is 8in in diameter with large logos and clear fonts dressed in a turquoise theme. The graphics are crisp and modern.

Peugeot i-Cockpit in action

The raised instrument cluster incorporates a 12.3-inch screen and shows Peugeot’s take on Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. With an adaptive display, the animated dials can flip between conventional dials, a mix of instruments and sat-nav or switch to fuller-screen views of mapping or lane assist centre stage. 

There’s also a Night Mode function (remember Saab’s night panel in the 9-3?), which cuts down all the info on the instrument cluster to a digital speedo bathed in dimmed lighting. Very Scando-chic.

Does it feel posh or plasticky?

The dashboard design feels sturdy to the touch, with grey textured plastics that feel like felt fabric. It’s nice to see Peugeot has avoided using swathes of soft-textured plastics like most rivals. All the buttons feel solidly damped, if ripe for fingerprint smearing.

One clever touch is the Amplifier button – letting you customise up to three driver profiles, so you can store individual preferences for ambient lighting, radio stations, drive modes, choice of instrumentation dials and fragrance strength. Yes, you can now personalise your in-car perfume as well as your electric seat position…

Other clever features include:

  • 3D sat-nav announces turn-left directions from left speaker
  • Head-up displays will soon be included in i-Cockpit
  • Digitally augmented engine sound, dynamically bolstering seats for sports models
  • Phone integration with Apple CarPlay, Spotify, Android Auto 

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The new, more digital Peugeot i-Cockpit

By Lawrence Cheung

Bauer Automotive's former senior staff writer; hot hatch hoarder, road trip hunter