Volvo and Amazon team up to offer Prime Now test drives

Published: 23 May 2018

► Rolling out in 4 UK cities
► In June and July
► Only V40 offered so far 

Soon you’ll be able to order a car from Alexa. Volvo and Amazon have just teamed up to launch an all-new test-driving service, and it could change the way how we buy – or at least sample cars.

Designed to make test-drives more convenient, the new Prime Now test drive collaboration will allow prospective customers to have a Volvo delivered to their home or work place. And because it’ll be delivered by a trained expert, Volvo hopes it’ll be like bringing the dealership to your doorstep.

After a quick sign-up and booking process, Amazon and Volvo will deliver an all-new V40 for testing on a 45 minute test drive. If things go well, after the drive, the customer will be directed to their local dealership to discuss purchasing and speccing options. 

Right now, the collaboration is more of a pilot scheme than anything else; it’s only availible in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh – and only on certain weekends in June and July. You can see the times below:

  • London: 9-10 June
  • Birmingham: 16-17 June
  • Manchester:  23-24 June
  • Edinburgh:  30 June-1 July

What’s more, don’t expect Volvo to deliver you a V90 or brand new V60 either – the new scheme only applies to the new Volvo V40.

Moving away from the dealership?

Volvo may have changed its style in recent years, but it’s also looking to shake-up the car ownership experience in general. Last year, Care by Volvo introduced a mobile phone, rental-style scheme to customers, and this new trial represents another way to keep pace with modern purchasing – or rather renting, habits.

What’s more, with the offer currently only available on the cheap, compact V40 – and in major cities – it’s clear the Swedish manufacturer is targeting a particularly sort of customer. In the future though, there’s no reason that this system won’t be rolled out for all customers.

You can sign up for the scheme here

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's digital editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes.