Try CAR magazine on your Christmas iPad – half price!

Published: 25 December 2014


Got a new iPad for Christmas? Why not download the CAR magazine app now to experience our full multimedia edition now – and from 25-29 December 2014 you can buy it for half price!

Each month we turn CAR into a fully interactive e-edition honed for Apple’s iPad. In it you’ll find everything in the full printed edition of CAR plus some extras we couldn’t fit into the paper mag:

• New interactive features
• Extra photos in our swipeable galleries
• Visceral videos of the world’s best cars
• Additional content we couldn’t fit into the magazine

Click here to buy the iPad edition of CAR magazine for half the usual price between 25-29 December 2014.

This month’s edition has a brilliant behind-the-scenes video of our Sports Car Giant Test, where the year’s best sports cars do battle across the Welsh hillsides. See cars as diverse as the Ferrari 458 Speciale and Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW’s new M4 and the McLaren 650 S in our new film on the CAR app edition.

How to download the CAR magazine app

You can buy our iOS digital edition on Apple’s iTunes store or direct from CAR on our Greatmagazines page.

Click here for more on CAR’s app edition – and don’t worry if you don’t own an iPad.

We also have simpler, replace magazine editions on Google Play and for e-readers such as Nook and Kobo.

We hope you enjoy your new Christmas toys. And if you download one of our electronic editions, we equally hope you enjoy what you see!