BMW M235i (2014) video review

Published: 08 August 2014

BMW might be obsessing over front-wheel drive small cars, but the 2-series Coupe is a rear-drive exception - and none more so than the latest BMW M235i.

Watch CAR magazine's long-term test car in action in our video review above. It's the only 2-series with more than four cylinders - it's a straight six BMW, fancy that! - and in M235i guise develops a gutsy 322bhp and 332lb ft of torque.

In many ways, this is a back-to-basics BMW coupe. It's got a simple six-speed manual transmission (although an eight-speed ZF auto is an option). True, it's turbocharged, but you'd barely know, so soulful and rev-hungry is it.

Nought to sixty takes 5.0sec in our manual car - not bad for a car costing £34,250. Hear CAR magazine's editor-at-large Chris Chilton in action in our BMW M235i video review above.

CAR magazine's BMW M235i and its keeper, Chris Chilton