CAR’s greatest adventure drives

Published: 28 August 2008

Best drives

Adventure drive blogs

CAR scribblers mull over the art of the road trip – and our 46-year love affair with it


CAR’s best drives

Three great adventures plucked from
CAR Magazine’s archive

The art of adventure
Gavin Green on why the journey matters more than the destination

Lamborghini drive

(February 1977)

Join CAR on a Lambo odyssey: Countach, Silhouette and Urraco

Land Rover Discovery

What drives us
Greg Fountain chews over the DNA of CAR’s great drives


Destination Budapest

Destination Budapest!
(August 1977)

Down the Danube, under the Iron Curtain in a Jag XJC

Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H

It’s all in the planning
Ben Pulman plots his own driving holiday… to Death Valley

  Ferrari drive across the sahara Ferrari to the Sahara
(May 1995)

Relive CAR’s memorable drive in a 512M to the desert
Bentley Azure Where to next?
Help CAR’s Tim Pollard decide our next epic destination





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Audi R8 to Africa, Jag XF across Russia, Ferrari convoy





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Its all in the planning –
Ben Pulman
San Francisco International airport – Yosemite National Park –
Sequioa National Park – Death valley – Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Route 1
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