Icon Buyer: the best Bentleys money can buy, CAR+ December 2015

Published: 24 October 2015

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► Continental GTC, Supersports and Mulsanne 

Continental GT Supersports - £70k–£110k, 2009–’11

5998cc W12, 621bhp, 3.9sec 0-62mph, 204mph

Is this a good idea? ‘Yes. The brutal biofuel Supersports has become a Bentley icon. When it was launched in 2009, the lightweight Supersports was the hardest and fastest car Bentley ever produced. The depth of engineering is exceptional – every dynamic element was honed to create a truly engaging driver’s car. Ceramic brakes, quickshift gearbox, uprated suspension and 621bhp engine… no surprise then, that they are hugely sought-after models.’

How much? ‘Owners tend to hang on to their Supersports, and they hold their value well so you won’t be spoiled for choice. Prices start around £70k – but at that level make sure they have a full Bentley service history – and rise to around £110k for full-spec low-milers.’ 

What’s going to break? ‘Like other Continental models, the Supersports is a pretty robust bit of kit. Check the suspension – replacing a worn top arm is a £2k job. Also keep a close eye on the high-mounted third brake light and make sure it’s functioning correctly – if the surrounding seals have leaked and a full replacement is needed, you’re looking at the thick end of £3k.’

Crippling running costs? ‘Expect to pay £650 for an interim service, and £1k for a major service. Front ceramic discs and pads cost £1190, 12 new sparkplugs cost £460.’

Bentley Continental GTC, according to Derek, running costs annually are no more than a BMW 6-series

Continental GTC - £45k–£55k, 2006-2011

5998cc W12, 552bhp, 4.8sec 0-62mph, 195mph

Is this a good idea? ‘Few other cars possess such a feelgood factor. It rides beautifully, is hand-finished and delivers four-season versatility.’

How much? ‘£45k means tidy early models with decent miles; £55k gets later models with lower mileages.’ 

What’s going to break? ‘No issues with the fabric roof, but ensure plenum chamber at the windscreen base is regularly unblocked or water leaks into the wiring loom, a potential £3k fix.’ 

Crippling running costs? ‘Annual costs are decent – bank on £1500k – which is no more than a high-end Merc SL or BMW 6-series.’

The Bentley Mulsanne, a car which takes 570 hours to build is respected in its price, £100k for a used example

Mulsanne - £100k–£150k, 2010-present

6750cc V8, 505bhp, 5.1sec 0-62mph, 184mph

Is this a good idea? ‘The Mulsanne is about individuality – there’s nothing else like it, and that blown V8 is big on charisma. So, yes, in a word.’

How much? ‘Each Mulsanne takes 570 hours to build and that’s reflected in the price – and its level of stateliness that few rivals can match.’

What’s going to break? ‘Mulsannes eat through tyres, engine beams go (a £3k fix), and the front timing chain cover (£3k) should have been replaced under warranty if defective.’

Crippling running costs? ‘Expect to shell out £1800-£2500 a year over and above petrol and tyres.’

By Ben Whitworth

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