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The Dacia Duster is Renault's cut-price Skoda Yeti – a baby crossover sired from Dacia's budget brand, so prices are low. Yet it's an accomplished drive and has a certain austerity chic to it. For more information on the Dacia Duster, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
There's much to like about the Duster: it's honest, straightforward SUV motoring for those on a budget. The majority sold are in fact two-wheel drive, but you can spec 4x4 if you want a rugged go-anywheremobile. Base models on balloon tyres ride well and it's quite refined, apart from some wind rustle from those brick-like aerodynamics. The diesel is quieter than the petrols, however, which can be quite raucous if you rev them hard. The best bit? The space on offer, for good, sensible family fun.

The one we'd buy
Hard to look past the cheapest: the 1.6 Access 2wd

The one we'd avoid like the plague
Lauréate dCi 110 4x4

Rivals to consider
Fiat Panda 4x4, Skoda Yeti

Those bargain prices, the Tonka toy looks

Refinement and class are somewhat in short supply

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