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Published: 12 January 2022

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Just five years ago the idea of a battery-electric van that could compete with an ICE option was a pipe dream. Diesel remained king even with tightening legislation and ever-rising taxing and running costs.    

While petrol and hybrid vans have made inroads into the diesel domination, fully electric vans are becoming more and more popular. SMMT data now shows that fully electric vans have a 3.6% market share in the UK. And while that may be small, it’ll continue to grow as the 2030 ICE car ban looms closer and closer.

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And it’s not like electric vans are a new phenomenon either, Bedford tested several electric CF vans in the 1980s. The difference now is that EV vans are actually good and should definitely be on your radar if you’re in the market for a new van.

The best electric vans: our guide to the best of 2022

Electric vans are making more and more sense with each passing year. Battery ranges are improving and payload capacities are becoming better too which makes an electric van a viable choice for the first time.

We’ve found a range of different electric vans suitable for a number of duties. 

So, whether you’re zooming around city streets making deliveries or carting masses of building supplied around, here are the best electric vans available. 

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Toyota Proace Electric

Toyota Proace Electric

  • From £33,970

The best electric van on sale today is the mid-sized Toyota Proace Electic. Reasonably priced and with a maximum payload rating of 1226kg it’ll be more than capable for most van duties. The 205-mile WLTP rating from the larger of two battery pack only sweetens the deal.  

Built on the same platform as the Vauxhall Vivaro-e, Peugeot e-Expert and Citroen e-Dispatch, the standout feature of the Proace is the outstanding 10-year warranty, the best option for any electric van. While it only comes with one trim level and a slightly cramped cabin, it remains our electric van of choice.

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Toyota Proace City Electric

Toyota Proace City Electric

  • From £27,588

Like the Proace Electric above, the Proace nabs the top spot for small electric vans with its outstanding 10-year warranty. Like the Proace, it shares its underpinnings with the Citroen e-Berlingo, Vauxhall e-Combo and Peugeot e-Partner which means its good to drive, has an excellent 171-mile WLTP range and can take up to 800kg in the load space.


Fiat E-Ducato

Fiat E-Ducato

  • From £55,675

The best full-sized electric van for sale currently is the hefty Fiat E-Ducato. With a weight of 4250kg for the panel van version, its heavy but still manages an impressive 175-mile range if the larger of two battery options is selected.  

The best thing about the E-Ducato however is the huge 1885kg payload, by far the largest offered by any electric van. A chassis cab is also available which means conversions will be relatively straightforward.

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Vauxhall Vivaro-e | Peugeot e-Expert | Citroen e-Dispatch

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

  • From £33,265

These three badge-engineered electric vans are very capable mid-sized vans that would probably take the top spot if Toyota wasn’t so generous with its 10-year warranty. Built on the same platform as the Toyota Proace, they’re reasonably priced and with a maximum payload rating of 1226kg and a 205-mile WLTP range, they’re a sound option. 

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Citroen e-Berlingo | Peugeot e-Partner | Vauxhall Combo-e

  • From £27,910

Sharing a platform with the Toyota Proace City Electric, this trio of badge engineered vans are excellent small electric vans. Like the Toyota each one offers an 800kg load capacity, 171-mile WLTP range and a decent drive. All are also good value for money and would rank right at the top if Toyota’s 10-year warranty wasn’t so good.

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Maxus e-Deliver 3

Maxus e-Deliver 3

  • From £30,000

The first purpose-built EV van from Maxus, the e Deliver 3 is the lightest mid-sized EV van currently on sale. Range is good with a 151-mile WLTP range and it isn’t hampered travelling at motorway speeds, something that affects some other EV vans. Once known as LDV in the UK, Maxus is Chinese-owned and has had previous success with electric vans. Load space isn’t the largest and the interior has its quirks but the Maxus still worth considering.

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Renault Zoe Van

  • From £26,450

One of the smallest vans on sale today, the Renault Zoe Van may not offer the largest load space and a payload rating of only 400kg. What it can boast however is a class-leading 245-mile range WLTP range, a good driving experience and solid equipment levels. 

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Mercedes eVito

Mercedes eVito

  • From £40,895

There are far better mid-sized electric vans than the panel version of the Mercedes eVito, the 92-mile range leaves a lot to be desired. The Tourer version designed for carrying people however is far better with a 261-mile range. The driving experience good with the eVito and it’s not bad value either.    

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Renault Master e-Tech

  • From £54,900

Quite possibly the most versatile option from Renault, the Master ZE may not be the most impressive full-sized EV van in terms of range (just 75-miles according to WLTP figures) but it is a good choice for more strenuous duties. The Renault can boast a massive selection of factory-offered body styles including a dropside, tipper and box van as well as an impressive payload of over 1000kg for the Luton box van. 

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Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

  • From £26,305

Looking for good value? The Nissan e-NV200 is a good option. While the 124-mile WLTP range is nothing to write home about, the payload (705kg) and load space is class-leading for a small van. It also offers a rapid charging capability and generous five-year warranty.


VW ABT e-Transporter

VW ABT e-Transporter

  • From £42,000

VW’s first foray into the world of EV vans is the mid-sized ABT e-Transporter. It’s probably the best electric van to drive and has a top-quality interior but the 82-mile range limits is unacceptable compared to other mid-sized electric vans. The batteries are placed under the floor so the cargo load size isn’t impacted but the payload is limited to just 996kg compared to 2,600kg for the ICE Transporter. More impressive is the 1500kg towing capacity, unusual for EVs. 


Renault Kangoo E-Tech

Renault Kangoo E-Tech

  • From £26,000

While the Renault Kangoo may sport a modernish EV drivetrain, the rest of this van is starting to show its age. Load volume isn’t hampered by intruding batteries and a real-world range of over 100 miles means it’s a good van if you don’t mind dated styling. It’s due to be replaced in 2022, so if your heart is set on a Kangoo it may be worth waiting a few months.  

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