America’s most illegal record has been obliterated

Published: 19 May 2020

► The record has been broken again
► Seven times in five weeks
►Avg. speed of at least 120mph

All the pearl-clutching about the morality of performing a Cannonball Run during a global pandemic seems to have been for nothing, with Ed Bolian reporting America’s most illegal record has been beaten seven times in the span of just five weeks.

According to Bolian, who has been in contact with the new record holders, the time to beat is now less than 26 hours. A sub 28-hour Cannonball Run was once unthinkable.

While he has not disclosed the exact time, that frame of reference means the drivers would have had to achieve an average speed of at least 107mph for the 2800-mile journey.

Accommodating for fuel stops, the team’s peak and cruising speeds are probably far in excess of that figure.

Bolian states that the new record holders averaged 120mph when crossing 'several' States. It is unknown what car the new record holders used.

What is known is that they were well prepared, with over 30 spotters littered across the country, along with a heavily modified vehicle.

According to Bolian, its not just the outright record that has been broken, with the solo-driver, diesel-powered, and coast-to-coast-to-coast Cannonball records all tumbling – the last of which having almost 20 hours shaved off the previous record time.

This new flurry of record attempts follows a team of drivers who took advantage of empty roads that had been created by the coronavirus lockdown to set a cross-country time of 26 hours and 38 minutes.

This unknown team used an Audi A8 for the record, with large marine fuel tanks strapped into the boot.

Modern technology, and ultra-prepared teams, have resulted in the record falling to unthinkable levels in recent years, with teams maintaining crazy speeds on public roads to secure their place in motoring infamy.

The new record holders are reported to be preparing a documentary to accompany their official record announcement.

By Cameron Kirby

Online editor of our sister-site, Wheels. Also, self-professed motorsport shoey historian.