CAR infographic: 11 amazing facts about the McLaren F1

Published: 22 August 2014

McLaren F1: 11 secrets we uncovered in the making of CAR magazine, September 2014 

The new September 2014 issue of CAR magazine, on sale now in print, for iPad, Android, Nook and Kobo e-readers, is a supercar special, celebrating six decades of the most brutal and focused cars ever built.

No supercar tale is complete without the mighty McLaren F1 of 1994. It recently topped a poll of CAR readers as the greatest supercar of all time, sweeping up 30% of the votes. The next nearest challenger in our poll was Ferrari’s F40, on 11%.

So it was only natural that we searched out some fresh perspectives on the F1. We interviewed its designer Peter Stevens and the engineer genius behind it, Gordon Murray. They recount the story of the McLaren F1’s genesis, reveal some new secrets of its construction and tell us – astonishingly – that McLaren boss Ron Dennis never even saw the car until it was finished.

To read this and plenty more supercar tales, don’t miss the September 2014 issue of CAR magazine. 

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Part of CAR magazine's McLaren F1 special feature, September 2014

We interview Gordon Murray (above) and Peter Stevens in CAR magazine.

Six supercar covers, CAR magazine, September 2014

Six supercar covers to collect on CAR magazine’s September 2014 issue.