Best of the best: CAR’s pictures of the year 2017

Published: 28 December 2017

► CAR’s pics of the year
► Includes our exclusive twin tests…
► …new car deep dives and more

Another year goes by, another great 12 issues of CAR magazine. We’ve dug through the last 12 months of CAR’s issues to serve up what we think are the best photographs from 2017.

We’ve featured everything from our epic adventure drives to our detailed group tests and exclusive in-depth looks at the freshest new cars out there. Keep scrolling for our best pics from the last year…

January – ‘8 Reasons to Believe in the new Discovery’

PicsOTY 2017 Jan

When the new Discovery was revealed, it looked so very different to its predecessors. Could it still be the stalwart, off-road workhorse the previous generations were? This was our first taste behind the wheel, and boy was it good in the rough.

By Wilson Hennessey

February – ‘Exige Mentality’

PicsOTY 2017 Feb

Lotus’ new Exige Sport 380 promised huge driving thrills when Hethel’s sports car brand pulled the covers off it. But then, Lotus has made one or two sports car icons in its time, including the cheeky superlight Elan. Only Ben Barry could get one this sideways…

By Mark Riccioni

March – ‘Charm School’

PicsOTY 2017 Mar

Infiniti wants to become a proper premium player, eh? Well it’ll need a proper premium sports coupe, then. Back in March we pitted the new Q60 coupe against the Audi S5 and Mercedes-AMG C43 in the stunning countryside.

By Mark Riccioni

April – ‘Dinner in the Deep Freeze’

PicsOTY 2017 Apr

We travelled to Sweden for our first drive of the Volvo V90 Cross Country, but thought we’d take the long way around…

By Benedict Redgrove

April – ‘Alpine Star’

PicsOTY 2017 Apr 2

Our big drive in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio included navigating through the Alps. If the new SUV was comfy, pretty, spacious and sporty out in these sweeping mountain passes it would be bang on for your school run.

By James Lipman

May – ‘Five goes mad in Morocco’

PicsOTY 2017 May

The beautiful yet barren landscape of Morocco has everything from sweeping deserts to huge mountain ridges. Meanwhile, 85% of 5-series buyers will go for the 520d then make literally thousands of boring motorway journeys in one. We thought we’d do something… not boring in one.

By Richard Pardon

June – ‘One giant leap’

PicsOTY 2017 Jun

As part of our McLaren Special in the June 2017 issue, we had our first drive in the new 720S spaceship. McLaren aimed high with its new Super Series car, and you know what? Aiming high paid off…

By Richard Pardon

July – ‘We three kings’

PicsOTY 2017 Jul

The next 70 years of Ferrari will be filled with engines that are turbocharged, hybrid assisted and then… no more. All the more reason to celebrate some of Maranello’s finest non-turbo’d creations. It helped that we had a whole track compound and a gorgeous sunset to ourselves, too.

By Greg Pajo

August – ‘911, is that you?’

PicsOTY 2017 Aug

Porsche revealed its most extreme 911 yet: the latest 911 GT2 RS – far from the cute, modest and pure sports car it still can be. We went for a wild ride in the 690bhp, £207k widowmaker.

By John Wycherley

August – ‘Type R goes to war’

PicsOTY 2017 Aug 2

Honda’s new Civic Type R had a huge weight on its shoulders, and an enormous amount of rivals to take on. We thrashed it around Lincolnshire and Blyton Park against the Seat Leon Cupra 300, BMW M140i and our Focus RS fave.

By Alex Tapley

September – ‘6 tests to make or break Range Rover’s Velar’

PicsOTY 2017 Sept

We went to stunning Norway for a big Scandi adventure in Range Rover’s new Velar. Our big tests included a lot of sweeping mountain turns, rocks that could break lesser vehicles and plenty of shopping. Could the new Velar survive?

By Richard Pardon

October – ‘Va Va Voom’

PicsOTY 2017 Oct

We celebrated 40 years of Renault’s F1 team, looking at the greatest drivers, greatest cars and the history behind it. Our gorgeous studio shoot was filled with the team’s primary colours.

By Wilson Hennessey

November – ‘Touching the Void’

PicsOTY 2017 Nov

Our 2017 Sports Car Giant Test had 11 brilliant cars, but we had to whittle them down to three. After a gruelling day’s testing at Rockingham with all 11 cars, our final three – the McLaren 720S, Mercedes-AMG GT R and Porsche 911 GT3 – battled it out in the windy mountains of Wales.

By Tom Salt

December – ‘The future according to Porsche’

PicsOTY 2017 Dec

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS might be the most extreme 911 yet, but Porsche’s technological prowess now spans beyond fast 911s. The Mission E is coming, so we thought we’d put the two together.

By Steffen Jahn