HMS Countach! Amphibious Lambo up for sale on eBay

Published: 07 April 2016

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We're not sure that the amphibious options box ever did sit on a genuine Sant'Agata spec list, but that didn't stop some madcap inventor turning this Lamborghini Countach into a James Bond-style boat.

The Z1A has popped up for sale on eBay wearing a price tag of £18,995 and the Gloucestershire, UK-based seller reckons it'll be worth £50k if given a bit of TLC.

Searoader, the amphibious vehicle specialist selling the seaworthy supercar, claims it's the 'world's only amphibious Lamborghini Countach amphicar.' No kidding. This thing's pretty bonkers, even by Lambo's extreme standards...

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How to make a sea-going supercar: the amphibious Lambo

It's a kit car, obviously. According to the DVLA records, this is actually a Ryan Rover V8 Sports car's tubular space frame underneath, rebodied with a composite body modelled on a Countach 5000 QV’s with an Anniversary back panel. The spec list is hilarious:

  • Engine: Rover V8
  • Transmission: R30 transaxle gearbox
  • Suspension: AVO inboard gas coilovers, pushrod rear, adjustable ride height
  • Wheels: 15in alloys with hydraulic actuators to lift rims for sailing duties
  • Water drive: Twin propellers, rudders for water use
  • Aerodynamics: Front hydrofoil for aquatic stability
  • Stealth mode: Smoke machine for those James Bond moments on the Thames

Not your average Lamborghini Countach

Apparently the Lamborghini Z1A's amphibious qualities are invisible on the road. Though we'll have to take the maker's word for that.

And note that it's been lying dormant for a while: you'll need to fit new seats, carpets and fuel lines – and the tyres have perished. Funny that. Saltwater will surely have posed a threat to this 'Italian' thoroughbred...

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet