If Koenigsegg made motorcycles…

Published: 02 February 2017

► Unofficial, independent design project
► Imagines a theoretical Koenigsegg ’bike
► By 3D designer Maksim Burov

Koenigsegg makes cars, and very fast ones at that. It doesn’t currently make motorcycles.

That hasn’t stopped Moscow-based designer Maksim Burov imagining what a two-wheeled vehicle by the Swedish hypercar co. might look like, and this 3D concept study is the result. No technical stats are available for his theoretical concept, but with a broad body it looks like there’s plenty of space for a suitably overpowered engine.

Click here to see Burov’s design in full.

Car-themed bikes – we’ve been here before…

This isn’t the first time a car company’s brand values have been translated to a bike, of course.

Lotus C-01 (2014)

Lotus motorcycle

Futurist design star Daniel Simon’s Lotus-branded bike concept hid a V-twin engine inside a distinctive low-lying carbon, titanium and steel body.

Caterham Carbon E-Bike (2013)

Caterham Carbon E-Bike

Famous for its lightweight, minimal sports cars, the Caterham brand name was a natural fit for this lightweight, minimal electric bike concept, inspired by technology from the F1 team of the same name. Four years on, the F1 project is no more, and the bike project’s gone a bit quiet too.

Koenigsegg Agera RS and Regera – the power madness continues

By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer