Liberty Walk’s two new GT-R builds are wild

Published: 24 January 2020

► Two GT-R builds
► The first is a R35 GT-R kit
► The other, a homage to the 1983 Skyline Super Silhouette

Liberty Walk is clearly in the business of making hype-worthy show cars, and their efforts at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon.

Let’s take a quick dive into the two models the brand rocked up with – both Nissan GT-Rs of different vintages – which both have their ups and downs.

The first (above) is the dry carbon kit for the R35 GT-R is developed, which is actually something you’re able to buy.

This one in particular is rather pricey, with several various levels of customisation. Starting at around £26,000 which includes the entire ‘Version 1’ body kit in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), the price can balloon to around £40,000 for the full V1 set in FRP and dry carbon. There’s also a similarly priced second version, with a different wing design.

The second car is perhaps more outlandish, but likely because it’s a one-off and LW won’t need to replicate it for commercial purposes.

The ‘LB-ER34 Super Silhouette Skyline’ is an R43 built to pay homage to the 1983 Skyline Super Silhouette, a 562bhp+ racer based on an R30 Skyline with a LZ20B turbo 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine.

This car, however, has a six-cylinder L28, bored out to 3.1-litres. The L28 used to power cars like the Nissan Cedric in the 1970s.

What do you think of Liberty Walk’s efforts? If you’ve got a favourite, let us know in the comments below!

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By Chris Thompson

Digital Journalist for our sister-site MOTOR, in charge of the magazine's online presence