Ramp it up: this Super Trucks race series will trample on F1 cars for breakfast

Published: 08 May 2018

► Super Trucks race series
► Extreme truck motorsport!
► Complete with jumps…

Bounce out to this next time you indulge your motorsport fix. Stadium Super Trucks is an all-shouting, all-bouncing race series that has Hot Wheels and motocross written all over it.

Brought into life in 2013 by Robby Gordon – a racing driver previously winning in NASCAR and Indycar series – Super Trucks originally started out as a rough-and-ready stadium race series.

Now, it’s diverged onto outdoor tarmacked circuits too – where they freely cock up a front wheel in corners – with IndyCar venues included in 2018.

If your first foray into the sport begins on one of the outdoor tracks, you might be wondering why these trucks come with such massive tyres and all that suspension travel for tarmac as they assume grid position. But wait, all will be answered by Turn 7.

These race-prepared trucks could not be any simpler: a fibreglass body mounted onto a simple tube-frame chassis, wrapped around a 600 horsepower LS V8 from GM. Total weight is 1315kg; making these lighter than a current-gen all-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS.

Super Trucks front cornering

All the trucks in the race series are the same, but each team can tinker with spring and damper rates, ride height, anti-roll bars and camber and toe angles.

If you think this looks like a life-size R/C truck then you’re onto something; this would make the Veloci-Raptor look relatively tame.

Each race usually runs for approximately 20 minutes and it’s not necessarily a win if you finish in pole position, but whether the truck and driver has survived or not, unscathed. Or perhaps whether you managed to land a physics-defying launch…

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By Lawrence Cheung

Bauer Automotive's former senior staff writer; hot hatch hoarder, road trip hunter