Video: new world record for tightest handbrake parallel park

Published: 24 November 2014

The Guinness World Records team has confirmed a new world record for the tightest parallel park, set at the China Drift Championship last week.

Driver Han Yue handbrakes his Mini into a parking space just 8cm longer than his car. It’s an impressive feat of stunt-driving - although we are left wondering how many spare cars/panels they got through in the setting of this record, which shaves 0.6cm off British driver Alastair Moffatt’s earlier record set in July 2013.

A second Guinness World Record was set in Beijing at the same event, as Zhang Shengjun did 10 donuts around Yue, driving his Mini on two wheels. As you do.

Watch the crazy stunt-driving action unfold in our Youtube video above.

Mini parallel park Guinness World Record