Wörthersee 2018: our picture gallery guide to the biggest GTI meet of them all

Published: 11 May 2018

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The 37th annual GTI meet at Lake Wörthersee in Austria has been in full swing and CAR has been on the ground at one of the biggest GTI meets in the world.

Every year, GTI and even wider VW Group fans gather at the edge of the lake to show off their metal, party and enjoy a weekend of beer, currywurst and modified cars.

Scroll through our gallery below to see some of our highlights from the 2018 GTI meet…

VW’s hosting stage

Worthersee 2018

The focal point of the show was the GTI stand, that showed off the full range of VW’s GTI range by the lakeside. It was also where regular chats with fans, members of GTI clubs would meet and motorsport legends like Hans-Joachim Stuck would hang around to greet fans.

Rocking out, Golf style

Worthersee 2018

While the VW stand is temporary, there’s a permanent fixture at the site in the shape of this huge rock, with carvings made out to look like a classic Golf.

As usual, VW revealed something new

Worthersee 2018

And this year it was the Golf GTI TCR concept – a punchier, derestricted hot hatch that’s confirmed for production at the end of 2018.

VW’s apprentices were out there, too

Worthersee 2018

They showed off two new cars that the teams from Wolfsburg and Saxony respectively worked on – the GTI ‘Next Level’ and the Golf Estate TGI GMotion (Next Level pictured).


Worthersee 2018

Golfs of all shapes and sizes were the main draw, many of them modified or refurbished.

But it wasn’t just Golf

Worthersee 2018

Sciroccos, Corrados, Polos, even the odd Up were parked up in different locations.

Casting a wider net

Worthersee 2018

Plenty of fans were very happy to show off their cars from within the wider VW Group remit, with Audi in particular being repped by Worthersee attendees.

Wheely weird

Worthersee 2018

If you didn’t have crazy and massive alloys that were either polished to perfection or painted a zany colour, you weren’t doing it right.

There were some brand crossovers

Worthersee 2018

Like this Audi A6 Allroad sporting a set of alloys lifted straight off a previous-generation Bentley Continental GT.

Freshly-caught tuners

Worthersee 2018

There was an entire section reserved for official tuning companies involved with VW Group cars. Oettinger, for example, wheeled out its 503bhp 500R.

Slamming was all the rage

Worthersee 2018

Like this T-Roc from Dotz. We also saw Tiguans devoid of any ground clearance and plenty of A6 Avants and Passats on lift kits.

Attendees have a sense of humour

Worthersee 2018

…as illustrated by this Mk3 Golf GTI trailer, conveniently being towed by an actual Mk3 Golf GTI.

Worthersee 2018

Or this schnapps bar nesled under the nose of this Beetle.

Worthersee 2018

Or this rat rod of a Jetta.

One thing’s for sure – the GTI fandom runs deep

Worthersee felt like a proper community. We had a chat with racing legend and all-round good guy, Hans-Joachim Stuck, who told us ‘You’re not a GTI fan if you haven’t been to Wörthersee.’

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches