A 1400-mile road trip in the new Porsche 911

Published: 02 March 2012

In the new March 2012 issue of CAR Magazine Ben Pulman has taken Porsche's new 911 on a 1400-mile road trip, seeking out the best driving roads in California. From the famous Pacific Coast Highway, to the snowy Angeles Crest Highway at over 7000ft, down to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, it's an epic adventure (and comprehensive review) in the first all-new 911 since things went water-cooled 15 years ago. And to give you a taster, here are some of the images that we couldn't squeeze in – if they're this good, imagine what made the cut! Click here for a digital preview of the new March 2012 issue of CAR Magazine. 

Shooting in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, moments before being buzzed by two Apache gunships  

 7000ft up, in the snow, on the Angeles Crest Highway. Six hours later we'd be in a desert at 0ft

That desert. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to be precise. As off-road as you'd ever want to go in a 911

All-new 911 meets middle-of-nowhere America. But we're still in California and just a few hours from LA 

Blasting along Little Tujunga Canyon Road. 3.8-litre flat-six has 395bhp produced at a howling 7400rpm

Basking in the sun on a pier in Santa Barbara. Locals intrigued by our German and Georgian plates 

New 991 meets a very, very distant ancestor 

Just us, a new Porsche, and the Angeles Crest Highway 

Little Tujunga Canyon Road, just north of LA. No smog or heavy traffic here...

Mere miles from the Mexican border. Should we do a runner...? 

Back on Little Tujunga Canyon Road. You can see why we spent quite a lot of time here  

New 911 is still instantly recognisable as a 911

So what happens if we have a breakdown? 

No, we hadn't broken down. Instead we were just looking at a blue 911 beneath a big, blue sky  

Dead-straight Tarmac road nearby, but why do things the easy way? 

 Tarmac road the one semblance of order amongst a chaotic landscape...

... And it's a great road too.  

In downtown Los Angeles. Cabin quality of new 991-gen 911 has taken a huge leap forward 

Okay, we're parked on double yellow lines, but it's not like anyone else was around