Andy Franklin on Kubica's crash and the F1 championship

Published: 09 February 2011

There I was thinking that Robert Kubica could be the man to watch in 2011. At a stretch, I even wagered with friends that he could win the F1 championship.

A brave prediction, I know. Especially with CAR's at-best patchy record of F1 predictions. Mind you, I did get it right last year! And I reckon Kubica could have sneaked in this season.

Kubica: the accident changes everything

It's terrible what has happened to him and as an ardent F1 fan I find myself asking why he was allowed to go rallying. This year was so important to him and Lotus-Renault. Why risk it all, especially by going rallying - a sport in which some interface between car and tree is not uncommon. 

So who do I think will win the 2011 F1 championship now?

Lewis or Jenson is my tip. Button because I reckon he knows this is his last year to actually win it again and he now has a car that is designed for him and most importantly tyres that will suit his style.

Hamilton because he's getting impatient. He has the skills (if not possibly the greatest out there) but he hasn't won the championship since 2008 and he is desperate to prove himself again. I think we will see both McLaren drivers raising their game even further this year.

And judging by their Twitter feeds they are both physically ready. They don't even stop for Christmas day!

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Roll on 13 March - I can't wait. Unless it is like Bahrain last year. No thanks!