BBC vs Sky: which broadcaster covers 2012 F1 season better?

Published: 21 March 2012

Did anyone catch the F1 season opener at the Melbourne grand prix last weekend? Of course you did, but what did we learn?

The Mclarens look quick, Red Bull aren't that far behind and everyone else is pretty much close together. Well, apart from the HRTs.

F1 in 2012: how good was Sky's coverage?

I couldn't wait to see how good satellite broadcaster Sky's coverage would be compared to the BBC's last year? I didn't buy Sky, but I did watch it at my father-in-law's.

While I enjoyed what I saw (apart from the repeatedly annoying facts breaking up the chat), I couldn't say it was any better than the BBC. In fact I didn't really warm to the new henchman Simon Lazenby, aka Daniel Craig's lookalike.

Somehow I felt he lacked depth but to be fair it was his first race. I did enjoy Croft and Brundle's chat, though at times it felt like Croft was speaking so much Brundle hardly got a word in.

I know Brundle went to Sky so he could do more technical pieces but his piece driving a Ferrari felt everso underwhelming to me. I wanted to hear him speak more.

The BBC experience

I duly caught a bit of the BBC highlights too, and from what I saw and heard I enjoyed it too. Was this because it was familiar from last season's coverage?

I thought Coulthard and Ben Edwards were good together and on par with Brundle and Croft.

So here's my dilemma, do I commit to Sky so I get all the races live and have more to watch? Or is sticking with the BBC enough? Or shall I just be a sad F1 geek and watch both…

I reckon think weekend I will be watching via the BBC so I can make a proper decision.

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