Rush – a new motorsport film about Hunt vs Lauda 1976

Published: 29 February 2012

I'm not sure if many of you are aware but Ron Howard (he of Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind directorial fame) is making a new motorsport film called Rush. Could it become 2012's petrolhead's must-see movie? Let's hope so. 

Covering the 1976 season through the eyes of Brit James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda, this is a big-budget Hollywood production. It's a full-blown movie, not just a documentary like Senna, which has enjoyed critical and commercial success in 2011.

Should we celebrate a new Hollywood F1 film?

It's a rare treat for us motorsport fans to have a big movie made. Especially one with a $100 million budget from Hollywood.

All the signs so far are encouraging. Lauda is apparently involved and if you are on Twitter Ron Howard is reguarly putting up photos of the scenes.

It's not yet known who will play fun-loving Hunt, but Daniel Bruhl has been chosen to play Lauda.

The attention to detail in the Rush film looks incredible, but will it succeed?

Cards on the table. I'm worried that we will get an American-style blockbuster, which steamrollers over the delicate intricacies that make F1 such a gripping sport. The politics. The tactics. The black arts.

It's been almost 50 years since we've had a decent motorsport film in the name of Grand Prix. Le Mans tried, but ultimately failed, with its plot thinner than I am.

Let's hope we get a mixture of Grand Prix and Apollo 13 with a modern twist. Not Days of Thunder.