The most anticipated F1 season since the 1980s?

Published: 27 March 2009

With the F1 circus starting up again this weekend, I actually feel like Christmas Day is approaching. I have never been so excited about an F1 season, or even just the start of a season. Even to the point that I’m on holiday in France this weekend and have arranged to get the keys to the next-door neighbour’s house that has a television.

2009 is new rules, new game and I’m not sure any team can really tell you what is going to happen come Sunday. We’ve already had drama even before the cars have turned a wheel in Melbourne and there are so many questions unanswered.

Will Brawn GP be as fast as they are in testing?
Is McLaren really that slow?
Who’s going to run KERS?
Which team have best adapted to the new rules?
Are Williams, Brawn and Toyota running illegal rear diffusers?
Can Alonso win his third crown?
Are Ferrari quick enough to mix it with BMW and Renault?
Will there be more overtaking?
Is Newey still the best at adapting to new rules?

Take all those questions and answer them based on what we’ve seen in testing and I reckon Button would end up world champion after fighting it out with either Alonso, Kimi, Massa and Kubica.

Think I’m wrong? What about the ban on testing? Surely if you start with a fast car you are going to end with a fast car in Abu Dhabi. Without testing can you really make a car faster just on the computer? That’s where the top engineers and drivers will be worth their money… now I see why Brawn chose Barrichello.

Whatever happens, I hope once we’ve got to the end of the first race it’s been worth about four Brazils from last year!! I’m off down the bookies, it’s anybody’s game!