Performance Car of the Year 2010 by numbers

Published: 04 January 2011

The January 2010 issue of CAR Magazine is on sale now, but as ever there's never enough space to squeeze in everything we wanted. So just as there are five outtake galleries from the free Performance Car of the Year supplement, so we also couldn't fit in all the ideas we had for PCOTY by numbers.

Here are some of the best submissions from CAR's writers that we still had to leave out:

1: Number of journalists who arrived at the Ford C-Max launch in a Lamborghini Superleggera – Ben Barry, who was brought swiftly back down to earth, after going straight from PCOTY duties to driving the Blue Oval’s new MPV

2: Number of times Greg Pajo was accused of having a small penis while driving the Ferrari

3: Number of cool cars spotted in France that weren’t ours

565: Number of extra miles covered by the Mercedes transporter after we had to abandon the SLS in Castellane with a treadless left-rear tyre

2: Total number of maps between nine people

14,658: Total number of miles covered

1: Number of daughter’s 2nd birthdays missed to be present at PCOTY (tut-tut, Tim…)

2: Number of engine warning lights that simultaneously appeared as we arrived back in Dover – the Ferrari and Lotus, necessitating a 40-minute delay for Ben Pulman and Alex Tapley before the lights miraculously disappeared again

7: Number of hours our planned four-hour trip from Castellane to Lyon actually took

4: Number of hours early John Wycherley was for his flight home after Jethro chauffeured him flat out from the Route Napoleon to Lyon in the 911 GT2 RS

236: Numbers of cars and motorbikes the GT2 RS overtook on the Route Napoleon between Grasse and Castellane

16: Number of blind corners Gavin Ward from BMW drove around on the wrong side of the road before realising we were in France

6: Number of spare pants required per day when driving the GT2 RS

0: Number of times the whole team didn't order steak and chips for dinner

4: Number of chocolate éclairs melted in the Elise’s boot

2: Number of yellow reflective vests used to illicitly shut down entire mountain passes so we could photograph on closed stages

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy