Play the lottery and kick-start car sales

Published: 31 December 2008

A recession is looming, the auto industry is suffering and last night the other half suggested we start playing the lottery. I wasn’t too fussed, but then my motoring mind started turning and I began to ponder just which cars I would buy when we won big.

So here’s the top ten cars that would sit in my dream garage – and if we all start playing the lottery, more car enthusiasts will win and we’ll help kick-start the automotive industry. Feel free to disagree with my choices...

1 – The track car My choice is a Caterham, an R300 to be precise. The Superlight R400/R500s are just too insane, and while I love the Lotus 2-Eleven, nothing beats the combination of a front-mounted engine mated to rear-wheel drive chassis. This will be my adreanline hit.

2 – The hulking great 4x4 (because you just would) The other half wants an Audi Q7, I rather like the X6 (help me!) but given lottery dosh and no cares in the world, I’d have a Range Rover TDV8, without any Overfinch tweaks. Big, British, but not especially brutal – it’s the SUV that many at CAR hate the least. But what about a Gemballa Cayenne...

3 – The fast estate Everything from a C63, E63, RS6 and S4 were on the list, but ultimately I’d have an M5 Touring. Fuel is getting cheaper – and, hey, lottery winners don't care – so I wouldn’t worry about the 5.0-litre V10, and I’ll kid myself that it’s an automatic.

4 – The hot hatch Megane R26R, Clio Cup, new Mk6 Golf GTI – I’d happily have any one of those on my drive, but if you’re getting a hatch, get the hottest. My garage would have a dark blue Focus RS lurking at the back.

5 – Old school itch A Ford Mustang please, but an old one would be my retro car. Not Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds (she's too contrived) but perhaps a Bullitt, albeit modded inside with up-to-date tech.

6 – The compulsory Porsche Sorry, but I had to do it. Porsche make brilliant cars. Yes, the design never changes, the interiors aren't up to much, but you can't criticise a Porsche once you've driven it. I'd have a new Cayman, the boggo non-S so there's no direct-injection to spoil the flat-six's music. On 18-inch wheels, and with a manual 'box. Job done. 

7 – The supercar (aka the second Porsche) It's a Carrera GT please. I've loved it since the concept was shown, and to me Zondas, SLRs and the rest just can't match it. Nothing beats the sound of the GT's madcap wailing V10, though I'd like a few lesson from Walter Rohrl too.

8 – The 911 (aka the third Porsche) The latest 911 GT3 please. (Yes, I am a bit of a Porsche fan!)

9 – The city car There are just too many Minis on the road, so I fancy a Fiat 500 Abarth in SS spec. Small but perfectly formed. And an absolute hoot. 

10 - the ultimate: A Veyron? No, not for me. A Dauer 962 was very high on my list, along with an EB110 SS, but I want a McLaren F1, in bright orange and LM spec taking pride of place in my ten-car lockup.

10 (a) – Free fuel and insurance Because I've just spent all my winnings on cars.

So, no Ferrari, Aston, Maserati, Mercedes, Bentley or Audi? Bet you don't agree with my choice – let me know what you think by clicking 'Add your comment below' and add your dream garage

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy