Cars that suck: Dyson makes a go-kart

Published: 12 April 2012

By day, Dyson employees are known for their innovative household products, such as cyclone vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans.

However, it appears that by night, Dyson's 650 engineers moonlight as a wannabe land speed record team, judging by the evidence in this video above...

A load of hot air?

The premise behind this after-hours project was simple. Using whatever spare parts they could lay their hands on and an old handheld Dyson motor, the firm's technicians aimed to build the fastest model car they could.

While wind-powered automobiles have never been the likeliest solution to environmentally-unfriendly transport, these speedy little creations certainly seem to woosh along at a decent pace, some even powerful enough to carry a passenger. We're a big fan.

Up, up, and away...

Not content with conquering land craft, Dyson's boffins have also tackled the thorny issue of steering balloons with their Air Multiplier devices. As you'll see below, it seems like a fun idea if you've got a few of the British firm's bladeless fans hanging around your home or office...