Arguing over Ferraris: which is really best?

Published: 30 April 2007

Behind the scenes of CAR Magazine's June 2007 cover story

How could six ever be enough? We asked ourselves the same question and quarrelled like school kids over the finalists. Where was the Boxer, the Daytona, the 250 SWB or the 166? And shouldn't a 550 Maranello have been in there, and possibly an F430, to represent Ferrari's newer output?

In the end, we settled on the 250 GTO, 275 GTB/4, 246 Dino (arguably not even a Ferrari at all, but hey), 288 GTO, F40 and Enzo, plus three 'starter' Ferraris available for top-end Mondeo cash. You can read Gavin Green's essay on the greatest Ferraris in the new, June 2007 issue of CAR Magazine, on sale from 2 May, and debate your favourite Ferraris by clicking 'Add comment' below.

Even just getting the cars to appear on the same stratch of tarmac involved some serious graft. And it's down to people like Richard Oldworth, owner of the 275, 288 and F40, that we pulled it together. But still we had problems. Many of the shots you see in CAR are achieved by fixing the camera to the car's glass and bodywork using suctions cups - the sort of suckers windscreen replacement firms use to move glass. But some of these cars were simply too delicate for such treatment, so our snappers had to find other ways to meet art ed Andy Franklin's lofty photographic standards. Just to make matters more difficult, we completed the whole shoot in a single day rather than the two we'd normally take.

But I think you'll agree the photos look great. Everybody has their favourite Ferraris of course and we don't expect you all to agree with our selection - which is why we went big on the line drawings this issue, extending Archimede's brilliant artwork to four pages instead of the usual two. Hope you enjoy them.

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By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker