Hankering after a 911: a dangerous admission by Chris Chilton

Published: 06 February 2007

Have cash, will buy. But 911-hunting is proving more difficult than we thought...

Patience, the saying goes, is a virtue. Sadly it’s not one of mine. There is a pile of cash in my pocket and it’s singeing my leg hairs. Buying used cars does this to you. There are always stacks of cars in your ideal spec/price/colour combo when you haven’t got the money, but the minute you’re ready to buy, they all seem to disappear.

I’m looking for a mid-eighties 911 Carrera 3.2, but trying to find one in a decent metallic colour within my budget is proving tricky. I know that condition is more important than colour when buying used and that you can’t expect to have the same choice as a new buyer, but I’m getting impatient. Even those yuppie-spec white ones are starting to look good...

By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker