Why Honda's F1 livery is wrong

Published: 01 March 2007

Honda's eco-livery is a PR smokescreen

So Honda's bold new F1 livery (which covers the car in a map of the world, for those who haven't seen it) is supposed to raise awareness of global warming.

How noble of them, wasting gallons of fuel hammering round a circuit for no good reason, wasting thousands of gallons more flying cars and crew around the world just to remind us that the ice caps are melting.

It got me thinking about the example F1 really should be setting when it comes to matters green. Zero-emissions F1 cars should be the real goal but, in the meantime, how about a CO2 cap. Say 100g/km? Sure it's low, but I'll bet it's eminently feasible, the racing could still be close and just as exciting and it hopefully it would speed up development of fast, fun and earth-friendly road cars. Now that's the sort of track-to-road transfer I'd want to see...

By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker