Formula 1’s greatest images in one place

Published: 31 January 2012

By Andy Franklin
CAR's art director

Regular readers of this website are probably aware that I'm a big F1 fan. I'm also a big fan of great photography. Thanks to the iPhone and the development of mobile cameras, all of us have a budding photographer inside us, but few can make a career out of it and be the top of that league.

On paper photographing F1 may sound easy. Think again. Taking motorsport pictures is hard – despite the rich material, many produce static, flat, soulless pictures. But here’s an exhibition of pure F1 magic, from multi-award winning Formula 1 photographer Darren Heath. If you are at a loose end over the next couple of weeks and having F1 withdrawal symptoms like me, check out the exhibition of Darren’s best 2011 photographs at Collyer Bristow's London gallery. Featuring stunning imagery of Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso et al from many of last year's grands prix

Darren's work is to F1 what Rankin is to portraits. He manages to capture the art and speed of this rich, enduring sport. So if you are an F1 fan who appreciates photography, and want see an expert at the top of his game, I can't recommend this exhibition enough. It will open your mind to how powerful F1 can be, and is your opportunity to get a piece of a sport that you and I can only dream of being part of.

See below for details of the show, with a few teaser pics to whet your appetite.

Collyer Bristow Gallery
4 Bedford Row

The show is open from the 6-16 February 2012 at the following address:

For further info and opening times: 020 7468 7200

The artwork is presented in large, framed, limited-edition prints available for purchase at the venue.