A million miles in a Honda: life according to Joe

Published: 27 October 2011

One million miles. It’s a barely comprehensible distance, isn’t it? It’s not like a frenzied Saturday morning trip to Ikea to stock up on Billy bookcases, this is some serious travelling. Experienced astronauts amongst you will already know that it’s further than going to the moon and back. Twice.

But imagine you have to travel this monumental distance, what would be your vehicle of choice? Remember, Nasa’s iconic space shuttle is now defunct and the golden rule here is you’ve got to be land-based (this is CAR Magazine after all), so what else is there? Well, if you’re Joe LoCicero from Maine, your weapon of choice would be none other than a 1990 Honda Accord.

62,500 miles a year in a… Honda Accord

Joe, or if you will, online sensation ‘Million Mile Joe’, racks up an annual tally of 62,500 miles. Zig-zagging his way across the USA, his work, initially as a technician and for the last 14 years as a loss adjuster visiting dealers, ensures Joe spends a lot of time behind the wheel. Back in June 2011 he finally came out and visited his local dealer to show him his special Honda. From that point on, the Legend (sorry) of Joe’s achievements spread across the internet.

The Accord wasn’t bought brand new either, Joe acquired it when it was just about run in at 76,000 miles. The fact he’s managed to crack the magic million isn’t a tale like Trigger’s ever-lasting broom in Only Fools and Horses either, for Joe’s car is still on its original engine and gearbox.

The secret to racking up 1 million miles in a car

Giving an Insight (groan) into the Honda’s reliability, Joe cites his meticulous routine of changing oils and fluids regularly and only using original equipment filters and parts. Inevitably components wear out, but other than consumables like bulbs, tyres and brakes, this creature of servicing habit has only replaced the fuel pump, both cooling fans and a couple of radiators. Joe’s feat further reinforces Honda’s six-year unprecedented run of being named the UK’s most reliable car brand by Warranty Direct.

So, million miles chalked up, what better way to celebrate Joe’s achievement than a surprise Civic (oh, dear) parade through Saco, Maine, where amongst the buzz of dancing girls, stilt walkers and tickertape, Joe was presented with a brand new Honda Accord. Who knows, there may have even been some Jazz to foot tap to (I’ll stop now, I promise).

Presumably Honda hope other owners don’t follow Joe’s lead or they’ll notice a drop off in sales.

>> Have you racked up colossal distance in a car? How far did you go and what was your high-mileage hero?

By Keith WR Jones

Former managing editor of the Bauer Automotive hub and car brochure library owner