Rev up your summer holiday plans

Published: 19 May 2011

We introduced our top 10 summer holiday destinations for car lovers in the June 2011 edition of CAR. Focusing on France, Germany and Italy, we've picked ten of the best museums from the enthusiast must-see list, in time for incorporating into your summer holiday plans. We've even included some UK options too, for those of you planning a 'staycation' close to home, or our overseas readers coming to the UK this summer.

Each museum listing includes links to the official website, visitor information and some of the museum's highlights. There's also a link to regional tourism sites so you can rationalise your petrolhead pilgrimage to a less automotively-inclined travelling companion or family.

So if you've been putting-off that dream trip to Supercar Valley, or visit to your favourite manufacturer's hometown, why not make 2011 the year to do it?

If you've got the vacation time, budget and the inclination, you can even do what we did, and drive around our nine European destinations in a grand tour.

Rev up your summer holidays: France

Rev up your summer holidays: Germany

Rev up your summer holidays: Italy

Rev up your summer holidays: England

>> Got a recommendation for a top car culture destination we missed? Or a top tip for visiting one of our destinations? Let us know in the comments section