Sold! Bertone’s dream cars flogged at Villa d’Este

Published: 23 May 2011

It seems I wasn’t the only one keen on getting Bertone’s 1974 Lamborghini Bravo concept car. The Bravo, one of six Bertone show cars auctioned at the Villa d’Este Concours by RM Auctions at the weekend, fetched over double its estimated value with a sale price of €588,000 (£511,000). 

Interestingly, the lower-valued trio of cars (the Bravo, Lancia Sibilo and Lamborghini Athon) met or exceeded their upper valuations during the auction. Perhaps proving the value of no-reserve auction listings in stimulating buyer demand and bidding? 

Of the remaining three Bertone cars to be auctioned, the Marzal did best, making the fifth-highest result of the day. Conversely, the Lancia Stratos Zero and Chevrolet Testudo were either over-valued, or under-appreciated by bidders on the day, failing to reach their estimated sale values.  

Car Estimate Sale Price
Chevrolet Testudo €500,000-€800.000 €336,000
Lamborghini Marzal €1,000,000-€1,800,000 €1,512,000
Lancia Stratos Zero €1,000.000-€1,800,000 €761,600
Lamborghini Bravo €150,000-€220,000 €588,000
Lancia Sibilo €60,000-€100,000 €95,200
Lamborghini Athon €150,000-€220,000 €347,200


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