Mini memories: why I’ve owned six old Minis

Published: 21 September 2009

I’ve had six original Minis. First was a yellow 1275 GT I bought with a smashed rear subframe for £75. The insurance cost me £400...

It drove down the road the same way a crab stranded on a beach makes for the ocean. Then I had a black Mk2 constructed almost entirely with filler. Swapped that for a pink 1100 Special with a vinyl roof. Ripped off the roof. Not a good idea. It rusted in front of my eyes.

The Special’s door locks didn’t work, so I took the centre nut off the steering wheel and carried the wheel around with me. One day I thought it would be a good idea to take the steering wheel off and show it to the local lollypop lady… while doing about 20mph. Couldn’t get it back on in time and smashed into a kerb.

Took the seats out of it once at a mate’s house and couldn’t get them back in. So I drove home sans-seats. The first time I accelerated I flew into the rear with hands and feet flailing for the controls. Good times.