What is a Fiat Albea? Nope, we didn't know either...

Published: 19 September 2008

I assume that because you are reading this website you have a pretty good overall knowledge of cars. Undoubtedly you can spot a B Engineering Edonis from 200 paces and identify a Castagna Aznom with one eye closed.

But tell me – have you ever heard of a Fiat Albea?

On a recent holiday to Greece I suffered the indignity of having to walk around the back of our hire car to find out what the hell it was. My travelling companions, and darling wife I might add, found the whole thing deeply amusing. ‘Call yourself a motoring journalist?’ they guffawed.

On returning from my hols the matter continued to vex me, so I asked the staffers on CAR if they had ever heard of a Fiat Albea and (hallelujah!) the question was met with blank faces.

A Fiat what?

This doesn’t happen very often. In the CAR office, Glen Waddington knows everything about every car that leaks oil, Chris Chilton and Ben Barry know about every car that goes sideways and Phil Mac simply knows everything about everything (well, he is the editor).


Even so, we all huddled around a computer screen to find out a little bit more about this phantom car and via the magic of Google, we discovered that the Fiat Albea is 'A car to introduce you to new emotions. Like visiting a new country, meeting new people, falling in love.'

Mmm, having driven the car I can tell you it’s none of these things. In fact, it’s crap.

But it does pose a nice little Friday-afternoon-can’t-be-bothered-to-do-any-more-work-let’s-surf-the-web questions…

Which is, when was the last time you had to walk around the back of a car to find out what the hell it is?

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