Facebook in your car: friend or foe?

Published: 16 September 2010

Bored with concentrating on the road while driving? Frustrated by having to do mundane things like steer and brake when you really want to be updating your Facebook page?
Here’s the answer – new in-car technology from Onstar which takes the obsession with social networking to an absurd new level. Using voice-recognition, the system allows you to update your own status while behind the wheel, and then reads back updates posted by your friends.
So, next time that lorry wants to overtake another lorry and block the road for the next five miles chugging along at 50mph, there’s no need to curse  in the car – now you can let all your friends know about it.
Onstar claims that the totally hands-free, voice-activated system is the safest possible way to deliver such a service in-car, and may also further reduce the temptation to text while driving.
It’s the latest add-on to Onstar’s existing in-car systems, which already incorporate automatic crash response and navigation services. The company is also working on integrating web-based services, such as Google maps and Twitter, into the system.

Great news for Facebook, which is already has more than 500 million active users spending 700 billion minutes per month on their site. Less good for your friends, who seem set to be inundated with not remotely interesting status updates.