Lewis Hamilton and remote-control F1 cars

Published: 12 March 2009

Click here to watch the video

Take one new Blackberry Storm mobile phone, replace the radio receiver in a McLaren remote-control model F1 car with a Bluetooth receiver and set up a mammoth test track around your office… That’s the premise in the latest video viral doing the rounds, with a little help from McLaren.

Allegedly, McLaren watched these home-grown antics and decided to get involved. Watch the video below and see how they then – apparently – tweaked the telematics on the MP4-24 and got Lewis Hamilton to drive his grand prix car remotely, James  Bond style.

Is it real, that’s the question? Or just a fabulous PR stunt? Message boards around the world suspect a neat promotional mash-up between Blackberry and McLaren. I’m inclined to agree. But, hey, it’s a pretty damn cool video – and that’s why we’ve posted it on CAR Online!



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