Remote Controlled Lego Bugatti Veyron

Published: 06 May 2010

It’s no secret in the CAR office that the Bugatti Veyron (actually the Sang Noir 16.4) is my favourite car. And now they’ve made one I can afford.

A besotted Lego fan has produced a prototype remote control Veyron kit, emulating the engineering genius, styling and gadgetry of the 1:1 real Bug.
It’s said to be the first Lego remote control Bugatti Veyron with braking system, power Targa roof, motorised rear spoiler, all-wheel drive, working airbrake and even a seven-speed sequential gearbox.
Ok so it’s not as attractive as the real thing – and it’s unlikely to make production. But if anyone at Lego’s reading this, I’d urge them to fast-track this model immediately. I’ll just have to beef up my sofas to cope with 253mph impacts.
See the video to see how it all works.