Texting whilst driving

Published: 26 August 2009

Do you ever text and drive? I watched a new viral video doing the rounds today that’ll ensure I never again even consider using my phone in the car. It’s not for the fainthearted. They previewed this video on breakfast TV this morning – they couldn’t show the full version as it was deemed too graphic.

Now just six hours later the, video has viralled its way round onto my email.
It was produced by Gwent police force who hooked up with filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes. Cow — The Film That Will Stop You Texting and Driving is named after fictional character Cassie Cowan, who unleashes a lethal chain of events by texting behind the wheel.

You actually have to be over 18 to watch this video in the US. It might not be real, but it’s still shocking to watch. It’ll certainly jolt any casual TV viewers awake and highlight the brutal truth of the matter. Is any text message or phone call really that important?
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