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The CR-Z hybrid is a compact sports coupé based on Honda Insight petrol-electric mechanicals – but with a dose more sporting fizz injected into the mix. For more information on the CR-Z, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
This is Honda back to its quirky best. The Japanese company has long championed curio curveball models and the CR-Z is one such specimen. Reviving the spirit of the 1980s cult coupe the CRX, it packs a clever-clogs hybrid drivetrain into a bijou 2+2 sports car shape with intriguing results. No, it won't out-drag a Golf GTI, or any other hot hatchbacks for that matter, but it will do so in considerably more style. It's a soft hybrid, so you won't ever run on pure EV mode with zero-emissions, but the petrol-electric powertrain does allow moderately green running. You can even choose to be in eco or sports mode, with a corresponding change of colour to the instruments. That said, CO2 of 116g/km ain't great for a hybrid these days. But we applaud the leftfield sense of Other and the sheer fizzy fun of this compact coupe.

The one we'd buy
There's only one powertrain available

The one we'd avoid like the plague

Rivals to consider
Citroen DS3, Mini, VW Scirocco

Cute styling, fab cabin, fun to drive

Not actually very clean or fast


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