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Times have changed for car manufacturers like Jaguar and the inclusion of a compact SUV in the line-up is about as essential as fitting seat belts. The E-Pace is based on the same architecture as the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport from Jag’s sister brand. While the chassis isn’t new the engine range is with a complete set of shiny new Ingenium units to choose from. Styling-wise the E-Pace takes a lot of cues from the F-Type sports car, including its headlights and interior passenger grab handle, but has a character all of its own thanks to the cub graphics (from the car’s nickname) dotted around the place like Easter Eggs.

60sec road test

The E-Pace is the first Jaguar to feature an all-Ingenium line-up, with a suite of five petrol and diesel outputs, plus manual and automatic gearboxes and two- and all-wheel drive. There’s something for everyone - providing you don’t want a hybrid. As you’d expect from a Jaguar there’s a keen focus on handling so the E-Pace rides a bit firmer than more comfortable rivals but as a by-product it also resists bodyroll admirably and offers up a huge amount of grip from the all-wheel drive system, where equipped. Read our detailed Jaguar E-Pace review here.

The one we’d buy

D180 if you’re sensible, or the punchier D240 if you’re not

The one we’d avoid like the plague

Unless you’re a company car driver with a boot full of office toiletry samples, avoid the D150

Rivals to consider

Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Audi Q3BMW X1


Visually the E-Pace is very appealing and inside it offers a practical and comfortable space. Despite being one of the cheapest model in the line-up the Jaguar badge has an odd effect of making cars that wear it seem much more expensive than they are


Hesitant auto ‘box, firm ride, lack of brake-pedal feel

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