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The I-Pace might be making the headlines, but the Jaguar F-Pace was the company's first-ever crossover – and it marks the moment it finally relented and joined the 4x4 set. It's not a mud-plugger, though; that's what sister brand Land Rover is for. Rather, this is a family-focused, sporting sports utility vehicle designed to be at the sportier end of the scale. For more information on the F-Pace, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The F-Pace is based on the same aluminium-intensive architecture as the new XF and XE, but adds four-wheel drive for some go-anywhere – well, most places – grunt. A manual is available, but most use the familiar ZF eight-speed automatic, which suits this car perfectly. This is a resolutely on-road focused car, and Jaguar has given it handling, performance and dynamism that are in the same neighbourhood as the Porsche Macan at least. A range of Ingenium four-cylinder and V6 petrol and diesel engines is offered,  and for those that want a little more F-Pace, there's also a SVR version.

The one we’d buy

The 2.0d is fine for most needs

The one we’d avoid like the plague

The V6 S is a bit OTT for a crossover... naughty but nice!

Rivals to consider

Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover Discovery SportPorsche Macan, Range Rover EvoqueVolvo XC60

Starring in CAR magazine

Jaguar F-Pace: CAR magazine, February 2015

'Try to find any use of the term ‘SUV’ within the F-Pace’s production announcement and you’ll be as frustrated as the die-hards who lambasted Porsche in vain over the Cayenne. That’s because Jaguar vows the F-Pace isn’t an SUV at all – it was conceived as a family sports car. "The F-Pace is about on-road prowess: we’re not pitching it as a capable, luxury off-roader – that’s what Range Rovers do," said a Jaguar-Land Rover insider. "Others call these cars sport utility vehicles, but we have lots of those in one branch of the JLR family. This is a practical sports car."' (CAR magazine, February 2015)


Jag style, focus on dynamics, a new era for the company


Bit tight in the back row of seats - and the interior quality ain't what it could be

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