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The Jeep Cherokee is the posh SUV from the Americans – real off-road talent but with a degree more refinement than other Jeeps. Still feels cheap inside though. For more information on the Cherokee, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
Don't be confused by the name: this is a separate model from the Grand Cherokee tested elsewhere. It's effectively the replacement for the Compass and means the mid-sized premium SUV sector has some tough company again. For those Jeep roots mean that the 'Kee can reach parts that other 4x4s can't (new Disco Sport excepted). If off-roading is your thing, be sure to spec the Trailhawk version with its tougher styling, skid plates and locking rear diff to give you even more go-anywhere gumption. Just watch out for boot space; at 412 litres under the parcel shelf, you might feel the squeeze compared with bigger rivals.

The one we'd buy
2.0 138bhp

The one we'd avoid like the plague
Only one engine in UK (available in different power outputs)

Rivals to consider
Audi Q5, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Volvo XC60

Another capable Jeep off-road, on-road manners good too, generous kit

Small boot, that front end will deter many

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