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This is now Jeep’s smallest SUV and one that’s built in Italy alongside the twinned Fiat 500X. For more information on the Renegade, click on our further stories on the links below. 

60sec road test

The world is downsizing, and so is Jeep. Hence the new Renegade, here just in time as demand for smaller crossovers is soaring. They’ve done a good job of twinning this with the equally strong 500X from sister brand Fiat; they look quite different and both strike a nice balance between on-road manners and some off-road pluck. While most European rivals will shrivel up and hide when the going gets rough, this car warrants its Jeep badge. The Fiat-sourced engines are generally strong and powerful, with just enough emphasis on tax and emissions to keep your bank manager happy.

The one we’d buy

2.0 D

The one we’d avoid like the plague


Rivals to consider

Fiat 500X, Mini Countryman, Skoda Yeti


The best Jeep we’ve tested for ages, good off road and on


Noisy diesel engines, does it look special enough?

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