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The four-door GS show that Lexus knows how to produce cars with exceptional engineering and build quality, if little in the way of character. Choose from a brace of hybrids in the UK; no regular diesels or petrols are available, bar the impending GS F high-performance saloon. For more information on the Lexus GS, click on our further stories on the links below

60sec road test
The GS is a fully fledged executive car to rival the Merc E-class, BMW 5-series and Audi A6. It’s a car that places comfort first - none of this thrusting Germanic sportiness - and it’s all the better for that. Lexus has carved out a niche for well appointed, comfortable and very refined execs and the GS lives up to the hype. It’s helped by its all-hybrid status; choose from the GS300h and the larger, faster, more powerful GS450h. The integration of electric motor and petrol power is all-but-seamless and it’s hard not to conclude that Toyota’s advantage in hybrid technology has been put to good use. The interiors are beautifully finished and well equipped, but we hate the infotainment control mouse pointer. It simply doesn’t work and the latest Lexus models suggest that the company knows it; they’re being discontinued. To drive, the big GS is an expert at wafting. Those wanting dynamic thrills should look to Germany or Britain for their executive saloon. We’ll probably be updating that comment once we’ve driven the new GS F hotshot.

The one we’d buy

The one we’d avoid like the plague
GS450h only for power junkies

Rivals to consider
BMW 5-series ActiveHyrbrid, Mercedes E300 Bluetec Hybrid

Very relaxing, plump cabins, clever-clogs hybrid execution

Do the maths: does a hybrid really save you money over a diesel?

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