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The RX450h cannot be faulted for engineering quality and offers a good level of practicality. With its hybrid powertrain, this four-wheel-drive SUV emits just 145g/km CO2 and reaches 62mph from rest in less than eight seconds. Looks good, too. For more information on the Lexus RX450h, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
The RX might be a dullish-looking crossover, but it has one ace up its sleeve: it’s only available here with the clever-clogs hybrid powertrain. This imbues the usual Lexus serenity - quiet running and some impressively low sub-150g/km CO2 ratings. Tax benefits and general wallet friendliness ensue. The RX is also devilishly well equipped. Want thrills behind the wheel? Then our advice might be to look elsewhere. You’ll get as much feedback and fun out of an RX450h as you will from a lump of polystyrene. We think this crossover benefits from its purity of purpose. If only more cars didn’t eschew sporting behaviour in favour of pampering. 

The one we’d buy

The one we’d avoid like the plague
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Rivals to consider
BMW X5, Mercedes M-class, Range Rover Sport

Low CO2 emissions for such a big crossover make sense, quality throughout, hushed hybrid powertrain

Lacks fizz, just oh-so sensible…

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