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The Ghibli revives an old Maser name for a new kind of saloon - a smaller four-door sibling to slot beneath the Quattroporte. The two models share much hardware, although this model sticks with V6 power. For more information on the Ghibli, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

This is a mighty fine-looking sports saloon: they’ve taken the QP and shrunk it in the wash, with exceptional results. The fact that it costs less than £50k in the UK seals the deal - we reckon many corporate drivers or user choosers with a decent budget would consider one of these over a top-spec 5-series or similar. You can also order Maserati’s first diesel engine on this car, adding to its company car allure. Does it work on the road? Showroom presence is undeniable, although the interior simply can’t live with the polished finish of any German rival. Plastics are cheaper, the rear is cramped by the class standards and the touchscreen is several generations behind the best from Audi and Merc, say. Sadly, the driving experience is a similar story. There are many strong points - the lively handling, responsive steering, some revvy engines - but the whole feels like it could do with a bit more fine-tuning. Still, this is a great effort and we look forward to seeing how the Ghibli evolves…

The one we’d buy

3.0 V6 diesel is the obvious choice

The one we’d avoid like the plague

3.0 V6 petrol - if you want to trim your tax bills

Rivals to consider

BMW 5-series, Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-class


Glorious looks, that badge, drives well…


Sadly it doesn’t quite drive as well as the class benchmarks…

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