McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S information: everything you need to know if you own it, are thinking of buying one or just want to find out more about the Ferrari 458 Italia rival from Woking. Click on the links below for all of CAR magazine’s news, reviews, videos, scoops and spy photos of the 650S né MP4-12C car range. We list the top five stories for each model – and where appropriate you can click on ‘More’ to browse even more of our archive.


The McLaren 650S is the first in a new range of roadgoing McLaren supercars. Powered by a V8, the P11 is aimed squarely at the Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Huracan ‘junior’ supercar set. For more information on the 650S coupe and spider, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The McLaren MP4-12C stunned the world at launch, but narrowly missed class honours to Maranello. Woking went away and has continuously fettled its V8 into a proper junior supercar, now renamed as 650S. Pick from coupe or Spider, both crafted from carbonfibre and dripping with tech. The twin-turbocharged V8 has extraordinary performance, with just the slightest of lag delays before all hell breaks loose. It’s so fast, the Italia feels just a bit blunted when the blowers are on full song. And it handles brilliantly, with delightful steering response and strong brakes. If we have one criticism, it’s the slightly anodyne looks which lack the flair and passion of an Italian supercar. But they can’t match the build quality, cabin modernity and sheer ease of use of the McLaren. It really is a Jekyll and Hyde character, with a soft, cosseting ride when you want to cruise and a hammer-along playfulness when you want to thrash. It’s quite a car. 

The one we’d buy

650S Spider

The one we’d avoid like the plague

We’ll take either, thanks

Rivals to consider

Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Huracan


Stonking performance, carbonfibre build, everyday usability, amazing refinement


Turbo thrust not as artful as nat asp, that Ferrari…

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