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The Mercedes-AMG GT is the fastest and most sporting Merc on sale. Developed by the Affalterbach-based AMG arm, it replaced the SLS and shares some of that car’s aluminium architecture, despite costing less and being pitched lower down the scale as a kind of Porsche 911 rival. For more information on the Mercedes GT, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

A classic Mercedes-Benz sports car: just look at that profile. The AMG GT coupe is all long, long bonnet packing the 4.0-litre V8 available in two guises. The regular GT packs 462bhp while the more powerful S totes a full 503bhp, that engine perching a long way back nearer the centre of the car. Performance, should you need to ask, is blistering, with the S model passing 62mph in just 3.8sec. And there’s a Black Series model in development! Response from the bi-turbo V8 is instantaneous, and you need to watch out for when the blowers kick in faster than anticipated; the traction control systems can be kept very busy. But on the whole, this is a very usable kind of sports car, with a comfy two-seater cabin and a 350-litre boot that’ll gobble up a pair of golf bags if that’s your thing. A wide, wide centre console clustering together some tactile switchgear separates you from your passenger, and it’s all executed in the modern Merc way, with some classy materials, crisp, design and toys aplenty. 

The one we’d buy


The one we’d avoid like the plague


Rivals to consider

Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Jaguar F-type, Porsche 911


Punch, performance, styling and luxury edge


Not much to dislike here, cabin space could be more generous

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