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The Paceman is a three-door, four-seat version of the Countryman, with a chopped roofline, lower ride height and a smaller boot aimed at people who like their 4x4s with a sporty slant. Both two- and four-wheel-drive versions are available. For more information on the Mini Paceman, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The Paceman is one of those cars it’s difficult to explain the point of. It takes the most practical Mini, cuts its headroom with a slanting coupe roof treatment and makes it tricky to get in the back by deleting two of its doors (and one of its seats). It does go like a hot hatch, in a straight line at least as Cooper S versions have the same 1.6 turbo engine as the hatch, but a crashy ride and high centre of gravity ensure it’s not as much fun in the corners. The Paceman’s not a rational sort of car though, and if the looks and premise are for you, none of the above criticisms will matter a jot.

The one we’d buy

Cooper S

The one we’d avoid like the plague

Do not tick the sports suspension option, unless you’re particularly keen on your chiropractor

Rivals to consider

Range Rover Evoque coupe


Stands out from the Mini crowd


Good luck getting in the back – and getting out

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