Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z information: everything you need to know if you own it, are thinking of buying one or just want to find out more about the rear-wheel-drive coupe. Click on the links below for all of CAR magazine’s news, reviews, videos, scoops and spy photos of the 370Z car range. We list the top five stories for each model – and where appropriate you can click on ‘More’ to browse even more of our archive.

If you liked the 350Z you’ll probably like its replacement too. Same meaty control weights, rough V6 and doorman stance. Choose from manual or auto transmissions. For more information on the 370Z, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
Flaky build quality, sky-high running costs, deafening road noise – there are plenty of reasons not to buy a 370Z. But stonking pace, affordable pricing and an old-school, hairy-chested driving experience offer a pretty compelling counter argument. The naturally aspirated 3.7-litre V6 in the nose pushes the 370 down the road very quickly, although it sounds industrial rather than sonorous and feels tight and unwilling at higher revs, which is a shame. Nismo version is a much more cohesive car, with more sophisticated suspension and a touch more power, but it’s pricey.

The one we’d buy
The Nismo. It’s much more expensive than the regular Z, but it’s a much better car 

The one we’d avoid like the plague
Buying a burly old-school sports car and speccing an auto transmission is arguably missing the point, fine though the ’box is 

Rivals to consider
BMW M235i, Lotus Elise, Peugeot RCZ R, Porsche Cayman, Toyota GT86

Lots of fun, good performance-to-pound ratio

Coarse and buzzy drivetrain, truculent gearshift, cheap-feeling interior, lots of noise on the motorway

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